“Three Days as a Vagrant in the Panhandle”

In 1926, age 19 or 20, Dwight Bolinger, found himself abandoned in the Texas Panhandle, penniless, homeless, without food, and with no way to get home to Missouri.  He described his experiences in a paper he submitted several years later in a collegiate literary competition.  Although the paper did not receive any recognition in the competition, the Amarillo Globe-News published it in three-parts, Dec. 8, 9, 10, 1992.  Our thanks to the Globe-News for publishing it and to the Amarillo Public Library for locating and copying it for us.  To read the story, click on the pdf file below.  Although the man who helped him is referred to by the name of “Monday”, it may actually have been “Mundy.”

Pdf file: Three Days as a Vagrant in the Panhandle

For more on what was happening in Boger, Texas when Dwight was there, see Texas Legends, Borger–Rip-Roaring “Booger Town.”  See also a YouTube with views of Boger in “Boger, Texas Was a Wild Place in 1927.”  See also a railroad map of Texas in 1926.

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