List of Books Published

The titles of Bolinger’s books and their corresponding numbers from the bibliography are as follows:

  1. Intensive Spanish (73)
  2. Spanish Review Grammar (115)
  3. Interrogative Structures of American English (128)
  4. Modern Spanish (135 and 174)
  5. Generality, Gradience, and the All-or-None (140)
  6. Forms of English: Accent, Morpheme, Order (166)
  7. Aspects of Language (3 Editions: 182229, and 270)
  8. The Phrasal Verb in English (204)
  9. That’s That (209)
  10. Degree Words (212)
  11. Intonation: Selected Readings (213)
  12. Meaning and Form (243)
  13. Language: the Loaded Weapon (266)  (It was republished by Routledge Linguistics Classics in September 2021 and contains a new new foreword by James Paul Gee.  It is available from Routledge and Amazon. )
  14. Intonation and Its Parts: Melody in Spoken English (298)
  15. On Accent (306)
  16. Intonation and Its Uses: Melody in Grammar and Discourse (316)
  17. Essays on Spanish: Words and Grammar (323).

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  1. Dear Sirs:

    I wish to acquire a photocopy of That’s That, from the foregoing bibliography. Please tell me how I might proceed to do so.

    1. Dear Mr. Smith,

      I do not have a copy. I see that Worldcat ( lists 317 libraries worldwide that have copies of That’s That. From their list you should be able to find a library reasonably close to you that has a copy. There are also copies available for purchase from Amazon and

      Best wishes,
      Bruce Bolinger

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