The following are the sources of photos and other materials reproduced on this website.  Photos not otherwise identified will be photos from the Bolinger family.

  • Berkeley Linguistic Society: Permission to post both the pdf file and sound file of Dwight Bolinger’s “Power to the Utterance,” delivered to the Berkeley Linguistic Society 15 February 1987.  See item 303 in the bibliography for the full citation.
  • Clark County, Ohio, Public Library: 1925 Springfield High Yearbook.
  • Harvard University Archives: Photos taken by the Harvard News Office,  Dec. 16, 1968.
  • Konrad Koerner and John Benjamins Publishing Co.: “First Person, Not Singular” by Dwight Bolinger, from First Person Singular II, Konrad Koerner (ed.), Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1991.
  • Linguistic Society of American: Permission to post the pdf file of “Dwight L. Bolinger,” by Professor Robert P. Stockwell, an obituary that appeared in Language, Journal of the Linguistic Society of American, vol. 69, no. 1, March 1993.
  • Mabee Library, Special Collections, Washburn University: Dwight Bolinger portraits 1938, 1940, 1941, 1964; Spanish Club 1930; Tau Delta Pi honorary society 1930; snow-covered wall looking south on campus ca. 1920-1930s; Washburn campus 1938; Washburn campus showing Boswell, Chapel, Rice, and Carnegie, ca. 1940; and Holbrook Hall, ca. early 1950s.
  • McClure, Derrick: Permission to post the pdf file of “Dwight Bolinger,” an obituary that appeared in The Times of London, March. 11, 1992.
  • Morgan County Historical Society: 1971 sketch of the Lindloff School House.
  • Norlin Library, University of Colorado Boulder: Portraits of Dwight Bolinger, conducted in two sittings undated; man at control panel University of Colorado Language Center circa 1959; bird’s-eye view of Old Main ca. 1964.
  • Springfield High School Registrar, Springfield, Ohio: Dwight’s transcripts.
  • Topeka High School Historical Society: The Sunflower of 1923 (The Polytechnic Science Club)
  • University of Southern California, University Archivist & Manuscripts Librarian: Dwight Bolinger portraits of 1950, 1954, 1957; Spanish Department 1951; Founders Hall 1948.

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