Origins of Bibliography

Until 1997, when this bibliography was posted on the Internet, persons interested in a bibliography of Dwight Bolinger had to refer to two sources: (1) his book Essays on Spanish: Words and Grammar (item 323 in the full bibliography) published in 1991, and (2) Robert Stockwells’s obituary of Bolinger that appeared in Language (Vol. 69, No. 1, 1993). Essays on Spanish included 312 items covering the period of 1934-1989. Professor Stockwell’s article included selected bibliographies of Bolinger’s writings on intonation; English syntax and semantics; Spanish syntax and semantics; and style, usage, and general linguistics. In addition, it provided 23 more citations, several involving articles that were still in the process of being published, which were then numbered as 313 to 335.

This bibliography, as posted in 1997, merged both lists, placed everything in chronological order, and brought the citations up to date. It also included four articles that we were not aware of at the time, one that had yet to be published (“According To”, item 336), and three that had been omitted from the list in Essays on Spanish, items 151240, and 249.

Changes made to this Web site in 2004 include the following changes to the bibliography: (1) a correction to the wording of item 338, (2) the deletion of the former item 339 because it appears not to have been published, (3) the addition of a new item 339, and (4) the addition, to ten entries, of a notation that they all were reprinted in Forms of English (item 166). Other changes include (1) an addition to the list of honors, (2) a recording of a speech by Bolinger, “Power to the Utterance,” and (3) the addition of three articles to the list of biographical and autobiographical materials.

Changes made to this Web site in 2007 include the addition of the following:

  1. By comparing Bolinger’s bibliography to the Literature Online database available at, ten more publications were identified. To avoid renumbering the bibliography, they were added at the end, representing the following years: 1938, 1941, 1944, 1954, 1968, 1975 (3), 1985, and 1986.
  2. Bolinger’s education and professional experience was listed following his honors.
  3. Citations to reviews of Bolinger’s books were added.

Changes made to this website in 2015 consist of adding pdf files of selected biographical and autobiographical articles. Go to Biographical and Autobiographical Materials to view pdf files where available.

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